German translation is finished. Russian is coming soon. 

Due to the lack of man power, we don't plan to add more languages at this moment.

However, we'll start to do the other translations after our App is more completed.

If you want to help, please email us.

We'll let you know when we're ready to do the other translations.  Thanks in advance.  

Here're the strings in MyProfiles. You could take a look first if you want to help.

How to translate

1. Here's a example of string file below (, it contains the English and German languages.

2. Translation rules

<string name="perf_close_after_activate_sub">"Recommended, if you're familiar with MyProfiles"</string> 
Translate to
<string name="perf_close_after_activate_sub">"Empfehlenswert, wenn Sie mit MyProfiles sind"</string> 

3. Please ignore the change logs. Since they will be changed very often, it's better to leave them in English.

e.g. Don't translate the blow change logs.
- Add 'Foreground App' type of rule, switch profile by specific foreground app.
- Add 'Online Help and FAQ' in preferences.
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2013年1月23日 清晨7:23