Help and FAQ

After upgrade to Android 4.1+ (Jellybean), I can't control the vibration for notification. Why?

Since Android 4.1. Google remove the control of notification vibration. Now, you could only set the vibration when ringing. The only way to disable the vibration for notification is to set the phone to "Silent mode". Another stupid change from Google.

You could check your Settings->Sound->Vibrate.

After upgrade to Android 4.x (ICS and Jellybean), Ringtone and Notification volumes can't separated anymore. Why?

Since Android 4.0, Google has merge the ringtone and notification volumes into one single category. I don't why, but we can't set different volume to them anymore. Thus, MyProfiles has to merge them, too. Stupid change from Google.

You could check your Settings->Sound->Volumes, and see if they're merged already.

After update to 3.3.x, my phone keeps awake sometimes and cause battery drain.

Sorry about this issue, we've fixed this issue in 3.4.0. 
1. Please upgrade MyProfiles to 3.4.0+
2. Reboot you phone

Then the issue should be solved. If not, please let us know.

How to read 'Profile change history'?

Red: The activated profile 
Yellow: The time that profile is activated
Green: Why the profile is activated at that time (By which rule or manual or ...)

What does the (O) and (X) mean? (on profile change history and title bar notification) 

(0): the rule met its conditions and activate the profile.
(X): the rule not longer meet its conditions and activate the profile for no longer meet.

How to use the NFC tag to change profile in MyProfiles?

1. Please make sure NFC is enabled in Settings->Wirless and network->More->NFC.
2. Add a NFC rule and enable it
3. Place the back of the phone over the tag for detecting.
4. While the tag is detected, please choose MyProfiles as your default handler.

*. If you want to change profile only when a specific tag is detected (Not any NFC tag), please Edit the rule and choose the tag you need.

p.s. Please notice that NFC detection only active when screen is 'ON' and 'UNLOCKED'". It because the power saving reason, NFC will be turned off if the screen conditions are not met.

After update to JellyBean 4.2, the airplane on/off is not working anymore?

For Android 4.2+, Airplane mode toggle is no long permitted by Google. 
However, we support the Airplane (ROOT) feature, it could work on 4.2. 
You need to enable the ROOT mode in preference first. 
If you could successfully enable it, I believe it could work on your device again.

I have a Samsung device (4.0.x), and mobile data network on/off seems not to be working?

First you could use "Mobile data network" in MyProfiles for 4.0+ device. MyProfiles could actually control the mobile network, but the behavior on Samsung devices may be a little wield.
1."Setting->More->Mobile Networks->Use package data" will always show enabled, even when you disable mobile data network in MyProfiles.
2.The title bar icon does not change immediately. 
3.Disable mobile network will take effect immediate, but the icon may not change immediately. 
4.Enable mobile network may take few moment, few seconds or up to few minutes maybe.

I recorded a short video for explaining this situation. Please forgive my poor English : P


I can't find the menu button, where could I enter the "Preferences" ?

For most devices the menu button is a physical button on your phone. However, there're still some phones have no physical button, but you should be able to find the virtual button on your screen. Please refer to the following link, then you should know how to invoke the menu on you phone.